Sven Juan Gunther Cando

Category: Cardiologist
Birth Date: 23rd July 1953
Birth Place: Lugo
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-Doctor specialist in Cardiology.

-Foundation member of the Galician Society of Cardiology.

-Member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology.

-European degree of doctor specialist in Cardiology.

-President of the Medical Association of Lugo (1989-2006).

-President of the Board of Galician Medical Associations (2004-2006).

-Graduate in Health.

-Member of the National Commission of Specialities in Cardiology (2005).
-Assistant Professor of General Pathology and Propedeutic Clinic in the Faculty of Medicine, Santiago (1977-1979).

-Foundation member of the Spanish Foundation of Cardiology.

-Member of the American Society of Hypertension.

-Graduate in Business Medicine.


 Work & Activities

He has attended many courses and conferences, symposia, lectures and round-table conferences about medical matters. Besides, he is the author of ‘La natalidad en Lugo durante el período 1935-1975’ and ‘Patología cardiovascular: la relación necesaria entre Cardiología y Atención Primaria’ of the Spanish Society of Cardiology.


 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the councillor responsible for Environment in the City Council of Lugo (1995-1999).