Manuel Alejandro Blanco Losada

Category: Economist
Birth Date: 19th February 1943
Birth Place: Marín (Pontevedra)

He took a degree in Economical Sciences at the Autonomous University in Madrid. In 1967, he started his professional career in the Company 'Minas de Riotinto' and then in ENASA. From 1967 to 1976, he worked for the Ministry of France as expert in economical forecast. In 1974, he joined the Spanish State tobacco monopoly (Tabacalera), where he was the head of the Studies Centre and director of Planification and Economical Studies from 1982 to 1990. During this period, he was consultant at the tobacco companies: Tabacanaria, Cigarcanaria and Tabapress. In January 1988, he was elected as first vice-president of the bank 'Caja de Ahorros y Monte de Piedad' in Madrid and consultant of 'Caja Madrid', where he stayed until March 1993. That year he was designated as consultant of the Society of Business Promotion and Participation 'Caja de Madrid'. He still belongs to this board nowadays. In August 1990, he joined the Spanish telephonic company 'Telefónica', where he filled the offices of Director General of Corporate Planification and Director General of Multimedia. During this professional stage in this company, he was consultant of the societies: Telefónica Internacional, Telefónica de Argentina and Telefónica Móviles. Nowadays, he is the head of the Studios Centre of El Correo Gallego.

 Work & Activities

As Director General of Planification at Tabacalera and Telefónica, he promoted the introduction of simulation models for the strategical planification in Spain. He also worked as Professor of the Autonomous University in Madrid, doing pioneering works in the range of the macroeconomic model applied to the Spanish economy. He is also the author of several specific publications. Among the most important ones, we can stand out: -El coste social de la crisis económica española y líneas básicas para una política de recuperación. -Fundación Humanismo y Democracia, Madrid, 1983. (in collaboration with Ancochea Soto, G.; Barea Tejeiro, J. and Monreal Luque, A.) -Consumo, dinero y riqueza, Mc. Grow Hill, Madrid, 1989.

 Other Interesting Aspects

During 1993, 1994 and 1995, he was a member of the panel for the Economy Prize 'Rey Jaime I', which is awarded by the Valencian Autonomous Government. In 1994, he became vice-president of the management committee, which was designated to make the White Book of Telecommunications in Galicia.