Pilar Taboada

Pseudonym: Taboada
Category: Painter and sculptor
Birth Date: In 1934


She studied Painting, Engraving and Sculpture in Spain, France, England, USA and Venezuela (1965-72).

 Work & Activities

From 1966 to 2002, she participated in 253 collective exhibitions in different countries. She carried out twenty-four individual exhibitions in Europe, Asia and America. She was invited to present her work in several official and institutional commemorative acts. Her works are exhibited in several galleries, museums, institutions and private collections of different countries of Europe, Asia and America.

Specialization: Painting, Sculpture and Engraving.
Accreditation: Expert in Artistic Education, INSEA, Hamburg (Germany).
Art studies: Luis Eduardo Chávez Art School, Valencia (Venezuela), Simón Bolívar University, Caracas (Venezuela) and INSEA, Hamburg (Germany).
She attended special courses at the Impressionism Museum (Paris), British Museum (London), Contemporary Art Museum (New York), Fine Art Museum (Venezuela) and Federico Brandt Institute (Venezuela).
She completed her artistic and teaching training with study trips in several European and American countries.
-2000-2003: She was coordinator and teacher at the Cultural Centre of José Antonio Páez University, Valencia (Venezuela).
-1999-2003: Director and founder of the ‘Aula Creativa da Irmandade Galega’, Valencia (Venezuela).
-1994-1999: Director and founder of ‘Luis Eduardo Chávez’ Centre, Valencia (Venezuela).
-1989-1991: Director and founder of the ‘Centro Piloto de Formación Artística e Docente AVAP-Carabobo’, Venezuelan Association of Plastic Artists (Venezuela).
-1987-1992: Councillor of the Latin American Council of Education for Art.
-1986-2002: Coordinator of a group of experts in education for art of the INSEA-UNESCO Venezuelan Committee.
-1973-1993: Director and founder of Taboada Plastic Art School and member of INSEA-UNESCO, Valencia (Venezuela).

-1999-2003: Culture secretary of the ‘Irmandade Galega de Valencia’ and director and founder of HG Gallery and the programme ‘El Aula Creativa’.
-1998-2003: She directed workshops at the Athenaeum of Valencia.
-1995-98: Vice-president of the Athenaeum of Valencia.
-1991-98: Member of the Plastic Art Standing Committee of the Athenaeum of Valencia.
-1990-92: Member of the Culture Commission in the Culture Higher Council of Carabobo University, ‘Creatividad 90. UNESCO’, Postgraduate Area of Carabobo University. He was responsible for the Plastic Art Area and gave the lecture ‘La Creatividade en el Aula’.
-1991-93: Member of the commission that organised the 50th edition of Michelena Saloon and the 50th Anniversary of the Athenaeum of Valencia in the 60th anniversary of the same institution. He was on the board of directors of Valencia’s Theatre Foundation.
-1990: Executive coordination in the Venezuelan Committee of INSEA-UNESCO for the Third Latin American Conferences on Art Training and foundation member of ‘Funda Creatividade’, Carabobo University.
-1990-91: Art and culture director of the Corporation of Cultural Institutions of Carabobo.
-1990-92: Director of international institutional relations in the Commission of the 5th Centenary of American Discovery.
-1990-98: President of the Ibero American Art Research Centre, Caracas.
-1977-96: Standing advisor in national art galleries, Base Naval C.A. Agustín Armario, Puerto Cabello.
-1987-89: Responsible for the Athenaeum of Valencia. ‘Fedecámaras’ (Venezuelan Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production).
-1989-91: National executive coordinator of the virtual art galleries of ‘Fedecámaras’, Caracas.
-1986-89: Responsible for ‘Fundarte’ (‘Fedecámaras’), Caracas.
-1986-92: Standing member of the Higher Council of the Culture Museum of Valencia.
-1985-96: President of the Culture and Fine Art Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia.
-1985-87: Coordinator of the Culture and Fine Art Commission of ‘Fedecámaras’ (Venezuelan Federation of Chambers and Associations of Commerce and Production), Caracas.

-1995-98: President of ‘Irmandade Galega’ Foundation (Valencia), attention to communities and project for the old people’s home (‘Fogar Galego’).
-1989-91: Attention to communities of less means of support, artists and artisans (Ministry of Family and AVAP Carabobo, Edo. Carabobo - Venezuela), organization and coordination of the workshops and teams for communities with less means.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Her work can be found at Arturo Michelena Museum, Athenaeum of Valencia (Venezuela), Ramón María Aller Museum, Lalín (Pontevedra), Castillo Sotomayor Museum (Pontevedra), La Solaina Museum (Las Cruces), Pontevedra’s Museum, Seguros Pinacoteca, Carabobo (Venezuela), AVAP-Carabobo Collection, Valencia (Venezuela), County Council of Pontevedra, Gallery of Carabobo University, Valencia (Venezuela), Gallery of José Antonio Páez University, Valencia (Venezuela), Medicea International Academy, Los Uficci Palace, Florence (Italy), Venezuelan Embassy in Spain, Venezuelan Embassy in Fukuoka (Japan), Studio Fecha Gallery, Caracas (Venezuela), collection of Manuel Fraga Iribarne, ex-president of the Xunta de Galicia, Santiago (Spain), collection of the Chamber of Commerce, Valencia (Venezuela), ‘Fedecamaras’ collection, Caracas (Venezuela), Art Marchand, New Cork (USA), Guataparo International Club, Valencia (Venezuela), Riding Club of Carabobo, Valencia (Venezuela), ‘Hogar Hispano’, Valencia (Venezuela), ‘Irmandade Galega' Club, Valencia (Venezuela).
Many public and private collections in Europe, Asia and America.