Urbano Lugrís González

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1908 (†23rd December 1973)
Birth Place: A Coruña

Music and Literature were present in his childhood and work (his mother was a pianist and his father, Manuel Lugrís Freire, was a writer). He was an autodidact and his dedication to painting was late.

 Work & Activities

Before 1936 he had collaborated in the Pedagogic Missions with Rafael Dieste, making puppet shows and stage design. He carried out his first exhibitions during the 40's. In 1949, he made an exhibition at 'Macarrón' Gallery (Madrid) and two years later he started an active and important stage in his creation. He painted Tríptico de las lamentaciones that can be considered as one of his masterpieces. In 1952, he made two illustrations for the poetry book El vagabundo by Luz Pozo Garza. In addition to his illustrations and drawings for the magazine 'Atlántica' in A Coruña, these are some of his most important paintings: Sonata, Paisaje con fiesta, Cormoranes, Fondo marino, Virgen del Cristal, Torre de Hércules, Pez, Nieve en el puerto, Homaxe aos músicos do mar, Habitación de un marino viejo, El anticuario, Conchas marinas, Caballo marino, Ramo marino, etc. He also painted murals for the Fishermen Association in Malpica (A Coruña) and decorated pubs, restaurants and the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Press Association of A Coruña celebrated an homage exhibition in October 1975. 'Giannini' Gallery (A Coruña, 1975) and 'Ábside' Gallery (1981) also paid an homage to Urbano Lugrís and his work.