Mª Victoria Castro Ocampo

Category: Doctor and painter
Birth Date: In 1955
Birth Place: Narón (A Coruña)
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She was keen on art since she was a child, mainly on oil painting. She is an autodidact and always tried to learn from classic and contemporary painters as well as from critics. She pays a special attention to human figures in his natural habitat and costumbrism.

 Work & Activities

She has carried out the following exhibitions: "Lembranzas" (2001, Lalín - Pontevedra), "Escenas" (2005, Ferrol), collective exhibition in Barcelona (2006 and 2007, Crisolart Gallery) and collective exhibition in Art Nocturne Knocke 2006 (Belgium).
She has edited the following catalogues: "Guía cultural 2002", "Guía cultural 2004 de Artistas Galegos”, Xunta de Galicia and “Artistas para el museo del mañana", Ediciones Ecuador.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She participated in university contests, being awarded several prizes and collaborated with humanitarian, social and non-profit associations, making advertising posters for different events.