Mª Teresa Cortada Civit

Pseudonym: Duir
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 23rd June 1930
Birth Place: Barcelona
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After studying Secondary Education, she studied Mercantile Accountancy and Textile Engineering. She started to study Drawing and Painting at Massana Centre and graduated in Drawing and Oil Painting at CEAC. She speaks French and Italian. She moved to Galicia owing to family reasons and established herself in Pontevedra in the 70’s, taking up painting again. So, she began to attend engraving and ceramic classes in the Delegación de Cultura, modelling her own creations both with clay and glass. Once she finished these courses, she began to participate in collective exhibitions, contests and biennials and won some prizes. Then she began to celebrate individual enxhibitions, also participating in collective ones all over Portugal and Catalonia. She is a member of the Artistic and Cultural Association of Pontevedra.

 Work & Activities

She carried out exhibitions at several galleries in Pontevedra, Vigo, Vilagarcía, Tarragona L’Espluga de Francolí, Conca de Barberá, etc. After fourteen years giving classes at several schools, she opened Ma-Te Art Centre in 1997, dedicated to art teaching, directing the centre and teaching Drawing and Painting. That same year she presented an exhibition at Teucro Gallery (Pontevedra) for celebrating the ‘Día da Muller’.
In 1998, she exhibited her works at ‘Fogar do Maior’ (Xunta de Galicia) and made a mural painting in Pontevedra. At the beginning of the new century, she combined her painting classes with exhibitions in Portugal (Valença do Minho Exhibition Gallery). She carried out a collective exhibition with Portuguese artists, invited by Valença do Minho University and another one of the Artistic and Cultural Association of Pontevedra at the Casa de Galicia in Barcelona. She participated at ‘Veranee con Arte’ Exhibition (Pontevedra) for three years.
In 2003, she carried out the following exhibitions: ‘La Barca’ Shopping Centre (February); Torres Museum im Marín – Pontevedra (May), ‘Área Panorámica’, Tui – Pontevedra (June); ‘Braseirâo do Minho’, Portugal (July); Casino Mercantil, Pontevedra (October) and collective exhibition at the Liceo Casino, Pontevedra (December).
In March 2004, she carried out the itinerant collective exhibition ‘Camiños de Portugal a Santiago’ for eleven years in Arcoz de Valdevez, Vilanova de Cerveira, Melgaço, Ponte de Lima e Forum de Maia (Portugal), Tui, Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, Padrón and Santiago de Compostela (España). In December, she participated in a collective exhibition in Pontevedra and was finalist at the ‘II Certame de Pintura dos Maiores de Galicia’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Some of her drawings were selected at ‘Genaro Pérez Villamil’ Drawing First Prize and at the International Postal Art First and Second Prize. She was also selected for four years at ‘Nuevos Valores’ Art Biennial (Pontevedra) and was awarded ‘Camelia de Prata’ Prize and a diploma in Vilagarcía de Arousa owing to the Camellia International Fair. She was also selected on three ocassions at ‘Arte Novo Galego’ Contest (El Corte Inglés, Vigo). On 12th June 2003, she was elected president of the Artistic and Cultural Association of Pontevedra.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: ‘Pintores de Galicia’ (1997) and ‘Guía de Arte’, pages 224-225 (2004).

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