Mª Hortensia Santamarina

Category: Painter

She moved to Lugo from Asturias to finish her Secondary Education and study Teaching, where she has developed her personal and professional life. Her first oil paintings reflected the natural richness of the near lands of Pelayo and the coasts defended by Breogán.
Her emotional and happy character, the love for her family, her thousands of pupils and friends light up her art. Sorolla, Van Gogh and Matisse are some of the great painters he admires.
She attended the following courses:
-_Course on Plastic Expression and Painting (several techniques), Teaching School.
-“A cor”, Teaching School.
-Course on Plastic Expression. Teacher: José González.
-“Pola plástica á expresión corporal”.
-Course on Drawing and Painting (Larousse).
- “Educación para unha lectura da imaxe”.
-Course on computer-aided design.
- “O deseño gráfico na ESO”.
- “Estudo das imaxes publicitarias. Sensacións-formas-cor. Plástica e visual”.
-“A linguaxe da imaxe. Animación á lectura pola imaxe”, for Primary Education and first cycle of Secondary Education.
-Course on drawing (several techniques).
-Studies on Drawing and Painting with Xesús Blas Lourés, Círculo de las Artes (Lugo).

 Work & Activities

Collective exhibitions, Círculo de las Artes, Lugo (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008).