Bibiano Fernández Osorio-Tafall

Category: Professor and politician
Birth Date: 3th December 1903 (†1991)
Birth Place: Pontevedra

He studied Biology at Santiago de Compostela University. He was a teacher and principal of the Secondary School of Pontevedra, deputy and Mayor in Pontevedra, president of the County Council and undersecretary of the Ministries of Work and Interior. In 1936, he was nominated as president of the commission that promoted the Statute of the Galician Autonomy, which was approved in June. During the Civil War, he filled several political offices, going into exile in France, Mexico and the USA. In the USA, he was a civil servant of the UN since 1948 and filled several offices such as director of the regional office of the FAO for the West Latin America; director of the regional office for Agriculture and Food; representative of the UN for Chile and Indonesia, in charge of missions of technical attendance in Ivory Coast, Upper Volta, Niger and Benin; director of the mission in the Congo and special representative of the general secretariat of the UN in Cyprus. When he retired in 1974, he devoted himself to Teaching at the Autonomous University in Mexico.