Mª Dolores Díaz Baliño

Category: Sketcher, painter
Birth Date: 6th January 1905 (†2nd November 1963)
Birth Place: A Coruña

She soon showed her skills at drawing. In 1929 she got a grant from the County Council Offices to continue her studies in Madrid, where she took part in a collective exhibition. She worked as a teacher at the technical school. In 1938, she became a member of the Provincial Academy of Fine Arts in A Coruña. She was very good at watercolour. She took part in individual exhibitions in Santiago, A Coruña, Majorca and La Havana and collective exhibitions as well.

 Work & Activities

One of the most important themes in her works is Galician landscape, which is normally represented on watercolour, as she considered it the most adequate technique to paint landscapes. Some of his most important works are Danzarina, Tríptico alegórico de Galicia, which today belongs to the County Council of A Coruña and Las Hadas del Caracol, which can be found in the Provincial Museum in A Coruña.