Luis Quintas Goyanes

Category: Painter
Birth Date: In 1907 (†1987)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

His vocation for painting started when he was very young and Castelao was one of his first teachers. In 1925, he took part in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts and many other exhibitions. He entered the Galician Academy of Fine Arts and 'San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts. He directed the Museum of Fine Arts in A Coruña for seventeen years.

 Work & Activities

He painted portraits and illustrated parchments, books and posters. His works can be found in different museums in the Vatican, A Coruña, Santiago, Oviedo, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Lisbon and Oporto.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He had the title of 'Marquis of Almeiras'. He made portraits of the Galician intellectuals and writers that were members of the Galician Academy as well as those who were dedicated the Day of the Galician Letters.