Luis Celeiro Álvarez

Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 25th December 1955
Birth Place: Samos (Lugo)

He took a degree in Information Sciences (Journalism) at 'Complutense' University in Madrid and a degree in Sociology and Political Sciences at Santiago de Compostela University, where he nowadays works as head of the Communication Service and assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Information Sciences.

 Work & Activities

His journalistic activity started in 1998 in 'A Nosa Terra' when he was still a student. Then, he edited the weekly paper 'Tempo Galego' and was a correspondent of the newspaper Diario 16 in Galicia and collaborated with the newspapers La Voz de Galicia, El Progreso, El Correo Gallego and O Correo Galego, as well as other daily and weekly publications. In 1986, after having worked in the Autonomic Administration as head of the Communication Service in the 'Consellería de Educación e Cultura', he began to work as a journalist at Santiago University. In 1991, he came back to the Xunta de Galicia again to work as head of the cabinet of several 'conselleiros'. In 1996, he began to work again at Santiago University, teaching the subject 'Géneros Periodísticos de Opinión e Interpretación'. In 1977, he edited the journalistic publication of Santiago University. In 1999, he edited the digital newspaper USC. Xornal electrónico, the first electronic newspaper of the Spanish Universities.