Isaac Rielo Carballo

Category: Priest, theologian and writer
Birth Date: 1st November 1930
Birth Place: Arcos de Frades - Pol (Lugo)

He studied Secondary Education and Philosophy and Theology at the Seminary in Lugo, being ordained as a priest in 1955. After some years as ecclesiastical administrator in the parishes Cirio and Fraialdes (Luaces-Lugo), he entered the Ecclesiastic Corps in the Army, where he became an army chaplain. In order to improve his formation, he registered in the Faculty of Canon Laws at 'Comillas' Pontifical University in Madrid, where he took a degree in this subject. He also took a degree in Theology in the Faculty of Theology (Barcelona). He also took a certificate of Genealogy and Heraldic at the Genealogy and Heraldic College, dependent on 'Salazar and Castro' Institute Council of Scientific Investigations (Madrid).

 Work & Activities

He wrote: - O cancioneiro da Terra Chá (Sada- A Coruña, 1980), which is an anthology of popular literature. - O escudo do Concello de Pol (Lugo, 1985), in this book we can find the most important events in the history of this village, as well as the origin of its emblem. - Cancións galegas (Lugo, 1989), which is another anthology of popular literature. - Heráldica de Pantón (Betanzos, A Coruña, 1998), which is a complete study on heraldry and armour stones in this village on the South of Lugo.