Luis Ángel Rodríguez Patiño

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He is studying Social Work, his seventh degree. He had studied Philosophy and Theology, Law and Canon Law, Criminology, Political Sciences and Medicine (three years).

He wanted to go in for a public competition for a judge post but his work about homosexuality at seminaries was very criticized. During his long stay as a priest in Xestoso, he has become a social promoter of a depopulated and aged small village.

After being ordained as deacon in 1981, the bishop sent him to Cedeira. He ended up in Xestoso, a very small village where his work began to bear fruit by creating ties between people. In 2000, he founded and legalized the first old people’s council in Spain, promoted Pro Monfero Platform and the local cooperative to turn the native rapini into the commercial flag of the village.

 Work & Activities

He promoted and coordinated the Señor University (Uned) in Xestoso and A Terra Chá.