María Blanco Fafián

Category: Actress
Birth Date: 3rd September1978
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She took a degree in Art History (University of Universidad de Santiago de Compostela 1997-2002) and attended a postgraduate course on Theatre and Audiovisual Studies (A Coruña University, 2002-2004) and a course on Cinematography with Rivadulla “Corcón” (2000-2001) as well as seminars on Orthophony and Diction, Theory of Modern Performance, Artistic Direction, “La Edad del Cine” as well courses on performance, fencing and tap dancing.

 Work & Activities

She worked in the following films: “Mía Sarah” (Gustavo Ron, 2005), “The Torturer” (Lamberto Bava, 2005), “Los Managers” (Fernando Guillén-Cuervo, 2005), “Pensión o Timón” (short, 2000) and “Vacíos” (Irene Bendaña, EISV, 2003) and as a supporting actress in “Pequeño Hotel” (Galician TV series, 2001) and “Autopsia” (TV series, 2002). She presented “Galicia no cine”, a section within “Luar” on Galician TV (2003-04 and 2006) and participated in “Adivina quién soy” within “Películas para no dormir” (2005) and “Fogar, doce fogar” (short, 2006). She also participated in the spot for “Gadis”, “Continental Producciones” (Gracia Querejeta, 2003).