Lois Vázquez Fernández

Category: Theologian and writer
Birth Date: 18th March 1938
Birth Place: Chavaga, Monforte (Lugo)
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He took a degree in Theology at Salamanca University in 1962. He also studied at 'Complutense' University (Madrid) for three years (1964-67) and took his doctor's degree in Theology at the Institut Catholique in Paris (1974). He is the editor of the magazine 'Estudios' (Madrid), co-director of 'Instituto de Estudios Tirsiano', member of the Academy of Doctors (Madrid) and chronicler of 'Instituto Histórico de la Merced' in Rome. He is also a member of the Academy of History and the Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts in Toledo.

 Work & Activities

He published over thirty research works, critical editions of Tirso de Molina such as the edition Cigarrales de Toledo in the collection 'Clásicos Castalia' no. 216 (1996) and the unpublished poem by Tirso 'Panegírico a la Casa de Sástago' (1998). He published thirteen poetry books written in Castilian and another eight in Galician, being the last ones No noso bosque convosco, Madrid, 2000, Aquel neno que eu fun, Málaga, 2001 and Sol de soledad, Málaga, 2002. He collaborates in several magazines and newspapers and attends many conferences as a rapporteur. He is a member of the international association 'Siglo de Oro'. He did the critical edition of El Burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra by Tirso. He attends the Historical Conferences in Extremadura every year, where he was awarded a prize for his works La familia Pizarro and Orden de la Merced. He attended the international courses on Tirso de Molina that took place in the USA, Copenhague, Salerno, Pamplona, Madrid, Münster, Parma, Pontevedra, Trujillo y León. He organised the International Conference and published and coordinated the minutes 'Presencia de la Merced en América' (1992). He participated in two literary conferences in Santiago de Chile (1992) and Mexico (1996). He also published El humanismo poético de Dámaso Alonso, Madrid, 1999, 465 pages. He published the critical edition of the work by Tirso, together with Ignacio Arellano and Navarra University. He attended the conference 'Guerra Civil e Literatura Galega' (Civil War and Galician Literature) in Compostela with his work Dous poetas mercedarios, víctimas da Guerra Civil en Madrid - 1936. He is preparing a critical biography of Tirso de Molina.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the first poetry prize and the research prize on three occasions.