Mª Inés Abad Lamas

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 3rd March 1975
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
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She started her artistic activity in 1991-92 in a painting workshop. In 1992, he registered at ‘Maestro Mateo’ School of Plastic Arts, studying Decoration and Advertising Art (she specialised in interior design). She attended courses on Graphic Design and Marketing in Madrid. She teaches Artistic Drawing, Painting, shop window design and Merchandising, elaborates the corporative image of firms that enter the makert and participates in plastic arts contests. Since 1995 up to the moment, she carried out individual and collective exhibitions all over Galicia. She asked for the galleries of the ‘Consellería de Familia’ for celebrating an exhibition.

 Work & Activities

She made the following works: ‘A Cascada’ Ponte Maceira (Hostal de los Reyes Católicos), ‘O camiñante’, Husa Hotel (Santiago de Compostela), ‘A Paisaxe Galega’, Virgen de la Cerca Hotel (Santiago) and the corporative image of a hostess firm and the firm DIUDE Hairdresser’s. She has participated in the 13th Plastic Arts Contest and donated several works for helping those affected by the Prestige in the exhibition at Unión Fenosa Building in A Coruña. She also participated in the workshops offered at the Contemporary Art Galician Centre in Santiago.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The theme of her works focuses on an intimate line that mixes the physical aspects of reality with emotion, which produces a sentimental meaning that leads to abstraction.