Antonio Fernández López

Category: Businessman
Birth Date: In 1903 (†In 1971)
Birth Place: Lugo
 Work & Activities

He was a civil engineer but he took charge of his family business when he was twenty-eight. First of all, he hired the abattoirs in Mérida and O Porriño. Some years later, he founded the firm 'Zeltia' dedicated to medicine, agriculture, chemistry, and household, industrial and veterinary products. In 1941, his family created the company 'Frilugo' specialised in the ice industry for food preservation. Besides, he founded the following companies: 'Transfersa' (Special Railway Transports), 'Cementos del Noroeste' and 'Pescanova'." He also founded agricultural farms to study species, plants and seeds, improving the Galician breed.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He also founded 'Fingoi' School in Lugo, following the principles of the 'Institución Libre de Enseñanza'. From the cultural point of view, he participated in the creation of 'Galaxia' publishing house and 'Penzol' Foundation.