Xosé Deira Triñanes

Birth Date: 29th February 1948
Birth Place: Boiro (A Coruña)

Degree in Philosophy, University of Valencia.
Degree in Psychology, University of Madrid.

 Work & Activities

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: He worked as a Professor of Psychology at the University of Santiago and then as a teacher of secondary education in Cee, Ribeira and Boiro. He directed Praia Barraña Secondary School in Boiro from 1992 to 2003, that he was elected Mayor of Boiro.
POLITICAL ACTIVITY: In 1986, he became a member of ‘Izquierda Gallega’ and regional secretary until the party joined the ‘Bloque Nacionalista Galego’ (BNG) in 1995. Since then, he was both secretary and responsible for the local policy in the assembly of the BNG in Boiro.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was the secretary and president of “Xoves Culturais” Cultural Association and the old “Cardume” Cultural Association.