Manuel Bragado Rodríguez

Birth Date: In 1959
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He has been the director general of Xerais de Galicia Publications since January 1994. He graduated in Educational Sciences (Santiago University, 1976-1981) and is a teacher on leave of absence since 1990. Since 1986 up to the moment, he has edited the magazine ‘Revista Galega de Educación’. He participated in the reports ‘Lingua’ and ‘Literaturas e industrias da edición’, organised by the Council of Galician Culture and wrote the document ‘Lingua e edición’ for the report on Culture in the project Galicia 2010. Besides, he was the president of the pedagogical association ‘Nova Escola Galega’ (1986-88) and has been working at Xerais de Galicia Publications since 1990. He was the director of editions from 1990 to 1993 and director general from 1994 up to the moment.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated in several means and participated in the editorial staff of A Pizarra (supplement of the newspaper Faro de Vigo) and Na escola (supplement of the newspapers La Región and Atlántico diario). Besides, since August 1999, he has been publishing a weekly section titled ‘Campo de Granada’ in Faro de Vigo, about social and cultural news (245 articles), with which he was awarded Gómez Román Prize (2000), organised by the City Council of Vigo. He directed the projects of over two hundred textbooks for non-university education. He designed and edited several collections of children’s and young literature (‘Fóra de Xogo’, ‘Cabalo buligán’). Besides, he published several pedagogical books and studies on the edition in Galician language and the book for first readers Dona Carme (Ir Indo, 1989).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, he is working in his doctoral thesis Historia das publicacións educativas en Galicia (1900-1980).