Lois Diéguez Vázquez

Category: Engineer, politician and writer
Birth Date: 17th April 1944
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)

He studied Secondary Education in his native city and Topographical Engineering in Madrid. He works as topographical engineer in the City council of Lugo and usually collaborates in Galician magazines and newspapers. He was a member of the Galician Parliament (BNG/PSG) during the first session. In the last years of the dictatorship and first of the political reformation, he carried out a great activity as a cultural activist at 'Valle Inclán' Cultural Club and promoted Galician language and culture on radio programmes. He took up again his cultural and literary activity through the Academy of Writers in Galician language, collaborations in several newspapers and cultural groups.

 Work & Activities

He wrote A Torre de Babel (‘Galaxia’ Publications, 1968), O Tempo sen Saída (‘Castrelos’ Publications, 1972), Galou Z-28 (‘Xistral’ Publications, 1976), A Canción do Vagamundo (‘Sotelo Blanco’ Publications, 1986), Artusa (‘Do Cumio’ Publications, 1989), Monólogos do Espello (‘Laiovento’ Publications, 1993), Tres sombras góticas e unha rosa (‘Espiral Maior’ Publications, 1995), Henriqueta na galería (‘Do Cumio’ Publications, 1997), Viaxe ás terras encantadas de Lemos (‘A Nosa Terra’ Publications, 1999) and A casa de Galiaz (Biblos, 2003). These are his most important poetry books: Albre de espranza (‘Xistral/Ronsel’ Publications, 1966), Canción pra un agromar branco e azul (‘Xistral’ Publications, 1968), O ferro dos dias (‘Xistral’ Publications, 1982) and Ónfalos (‘Espiral Maior’ Publications, 2001).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the prize of the Floral Games of Monforte and 'Minerva' School (Santiago), 'Casa de Galicia' Novel Prize (Bilbao, 1975) for Galow Z-28 and 'Blanco Amor' Novel Prize (1986) for A canción do vagamundo.