Afonso Vázquez-Monxardín

Birth Date: In 1960
Birth Place: Ourense
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He took a degree in Geography and History and specialized in Prehistory and Archaeology, Galician Geography and History and Archival and Library Science. He worked as an archaeologist in Galicia, Portugal and Italy but in 1983 he began to teach Galician Language and Literature. He has been a teacher of Secondary Education since 1996. He was a visiting Professor in Galician centres and American universities (Centro Gallego, Centro Galicia and University of Belgrano, in Buenos Aires; Federal University of Bahía, in Brazil, and Lar Gallego in Santiago de Chile). He promoted ‘Archivo Sonoro de Galicia’, a project of the Consello da Cultura Galega, and was on the management team of “As Lagoas” Secondary School (Ourense) for thirteen years.

 Work & Activities

He wrote several articles and monographs about Galician writers. Together with Marcos Valcárcel, he has participated in the mounting of several exhibitions and in the elaboration of didactic materials of authors who were honoured on the Day of the Galician Letters. He coordinated the photobiography of Xoaquín Lorenzo in Edicións Xerais and a monograph for Ir Indo. He has been writing in La Región twice a week for years.