Gerardo Salgado Valdés

Category: Musician and teacher
Birth Place: Sobrado do Bispo (Ourense)

He took his degree in Music and works as teacher of Primary Education. He also made research works in Fine Arts. Nowadays he works as Professor of Musical Expression at the Teaching School in Ourense. She is also organist and cannon at Ourense's cathedral. From 1990 to 2000 he directed the department of special didactic directives. From 1978 to 1997, he was the conductor of the choral society 'Unión Orensana'. She was also the first conductor of the choral group of Ourense.

 Work & Activities

Salgado Valdés published two books: Música para el Magisterio I and Música para el Magisterio II. He also made research works in specific didactic directives. He organized organ concerts, musical compositions for adult or scholar choral groups and courses of musical especialization for teachers of Primary Education.

 Other Interesting Aspects

When he finished his career, he got a first prize in organ at the Music Conservatoire in Madrid. He also got other prizes such as a gold medal at the choral society 'Union Orensana' and 'Marcial del Adalid' prize at the Academy of Fine Arts in A Coruña.