Félix Jorquera Caselas

Birth Date: 9th march 1967
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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His love for music made him enter the communications world during the 80’s, collaborating in A3 and Radio 80 in A Coruña and as a musical critic in Voz de Galicia. Two years later he worked at Radio Minuto Coruña and shortly after in the radio station of Lugo. In the late 80’s, he entered Radio Lugo and in 1992 he gave a radio workshop in Sada to teach the students of the local radio of this village. That same year he moved to Vilalba to go on with his radio career in Radio Principal up to 2003, conducting many programmes such as ‘Hoy por hoy’. In 2002 he started a business career related to communication. He created his own advertising and Communications agency, commercialising and making radio for different Galician radio stations. A year later, he promoted and edited TerraChá.Xa, a free monthly paper which has a warm welcome in the Terra Cha area.

 Work & Activities

He has a MA in Marketing and Business Management (European University of Madrid).