Leandro Carré Alvarellos

Pseudonym: R.A.
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 31st August 1888 († 14th February 1976)
Birth Place: A Coruña

Although he did not study at University, he was a cultured man. He knew several languages and was the manager of the theatre group Cantigas da Terra. He also founded the publishing house Lar and collaborated with the BBC in London and in RNE (Spanish National Radio) in A Coruña. In 1945, he became a member of the Galician Academy making a speech titled El idioma gallego en la Edad Media. He was also a member of the following cultural institutions in Portugal: Martíns Sarmento of Guimaraes, Portuguese Institute of Archaeology, History and Ethnography and Society of Portuguese Language of Lisbon.

 Work & Activities

Leandro Carré Alvarellos collaborated in several magazines in Galicia, Portugal and America, where he published a great number of articles and stories. He wrote some ethnographical works such as Costumes do carnaval na Galiza, As feiras na Galiza, Os cegos das romarías, Os maios, A mata do porco, As foliadas, As ruadas, A noite de San Xoán, O magosto... He also wrote some theatre plays such as Noite de ruada, Rexurdimento, Tolerías, Almas en pena, Tinos na rúa, Para vivir ben casados, O pecado alleo... Leandro Carré did a good job for Galician Language publishing Compendio de Gramática Galega (1918), the first dictionary of Galician and Castilian language ( Diccionario Galego-Castelán del siglo XX ) and a grammar book titled Gramática Gallega in 1967. He completed his literary activity with works such as O esprito do noso pobo, Pola creazón dun teatro galego do noso tempo, Contos de fantasmas, As lendas galegas tradizonaes, Conceito da literatura galega e outros ensaios.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1975 the Galician Academy published chapters 25 and 26 of his unfinished translation of The Quixote.