Daniel Varela Suanzes-Carpegna

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 1st April 1951
Birth Place: Lugo

He took a degree in Law at Santiago de Compostela University in 1974. He attended courses on International Public Law in the Academy of International Law in The Hague (1975) and 'Financial and Business Studies' at the West London College (1976). He got a diploma on International Studies at the Diplomatic School in Madrid (1980), European Communities at the Diplomatic School in Madrid (1985) and Stagiare at the Juridical Service of the European Commission (Brussels, 1985). He was a civil servant of the Xunta de Galicia Administration, legal representative of the General Juridical Consultant's Office of the Xunta de Galicia, member of the Galician Commission for matters related to the European Community, director in Galicia of the Fifth Centenary of the Discovery of America and commissioner of the World Fair in Seville (1992).

 Work & Activities

He wrote the following books: La contratación pública de obras y suministros en el Derecho Comunitario (1988); La conflictividad constitucional en la aplicación estatal y autonómica del Derecho Comunitario (1989) and La incidencia del Derecho Comunitario en la España de las Autonomías (1990).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been a member of the European Parliament since 1994. He was the president of the Fishing Commission in the fifth session (1999-2004). He is also a member of the Commission of Regional Policy, Transports and Tourism, the Interparliamentary Delegation of the Relations of the European Parliament with Canada and member of the European Parliament in the Assembly of the Agreement among Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific and the European Union. He was awarded the command of the Order of the Civil Merit in 1993.

He is a member of the executive committee of the PP in Lugo, member of the regional board of directors of the Galician PP and member of the national board of directors of the same party.