Pedro Dobao Rodríguez

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 15th August 1945
Birth Place: O Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense)
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He was keen on art and sculpture since he was a child. Her mother worked for the Counts of Torrepenela. Pedro enjoyed the library of the countess and the chisels of her dead husband. As he was fifteen, he move to O Barco de Valdeorras to work as a wood carver. After doing his military service, he returned to O Barco to his work as a cabinet-maker for a shot period of time though. So, he moved to Madrid and studied Sculpture at the Technical School, dependent on the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he met Professors Casado, Gallego, Capa and Alonso Coomonte. In 1970, when he was twenty-five, he established himself in Barcelona for opening his own studio. Five years later, he established himself in Vigo, where he got married and had two children.

 Work & Activities

Once again in Galicia, he began to make busts and small sculptures and went on making many works. These are some of the most important ones: ‘Monumento a la liñeira’ (As Neves – Pontevedra), ‘Arquitectura’ (A Garda – Pontevedra), ‘Mujer desconsolada’ (a feminine nude on wood), ‘Tenazas del viento’ (Carnota – A Coruña, 1994), ‘Mujer pensativa’ (‘Instituto Galego de Vivenda e Solo’, Santiago de Compostela), ‘Atardecer’ , ‘Monumento a la mujer trabajadora’ (A Bouza – Vigo), ‘Monumento a la familia’ (As Neves – Pontevedra, 1998), ‘Trabajo, esfuezo e industria’ (Industrial state, Ribadavia – Ourense, 2002) and ‘Custodia del pensamiento’.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the patronage of Vigo’s Museum for some time.