José Manuel González-Páramo Martínez-Murillo

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 9th August 1958
Birth Place: Madrid
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He took a degree and a doctor's degree in Economical Sciences at 'Complutense' University and Columbia University (New York, USA). He enjoyed a scholarship from 'Fullbright' Foundation and the bank firm 'Banco de España'. He worked as a consultant for a world bank firm, the Commission of the European Communities as well as other national and foreign institutions. Since 20th March 1988, he has been teaching Public Finance and Fiscal System at 'Complutense' University (Madrid). He coordinated and directed research projects in the cabinet of the Secretary of State of the Exchequer, in the bank firm 'Banco de España' and the department of economic investigations of 'FUNCAS' Foundation. He was a Professor at the Centre of Monetary and Financial Studies and the old MA in Public Finance (Institute of Financial Studies, 1987-1996). He directed the Department of Public Finance and Fiscal System at 'Complutense' University (1986-1998) and was the vice-president of the Spanish Association of Public Economy. Since July 1994, he has been the member of the board of directors of the bank firm 'Banco de España'.

 Work & Activities

He is an expert on taxation, public spending, public budget and management and published his works in more than forty books and two hundred articles in the most important national and foreign specialised magazines. He is a member of the editorial staff of the magazines 'Papeles de Economía Española' (1987-1994), 'Revista de Economía' (1989-1992), 'Hacienda Pública Española', 'Investigaciones Económicas' (1990-1994), 'Economistas' and 'Spanish Economic Review'. He is also a member of the International Institute of Public Finance and the European Association. These are some of his most important works: A cost-benefit analysis of going from low inflation to price stability in Spain (with J. J. Dolado and J. Viñals); The cost and benefits of price stability, National bureau of Economic Research-University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1999 and Economía Pública (2 volunes), Ariel, Barcelona, 2000.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has two children and likes skiing, kayak, hockey on skates and trekking. He has a second house in San Xoán de Covas - Viveiro (Lugo).