Julián Barrio Barrio

Category: Bishop
Birth Date: 15th August 1946
Birth Place: Manganeses de la Polvorosa (Zamora)


He studied Humanities and Philosophy at the Diocesan Seminary in Astorga and was ordained as a priest on 4th July 1971. That same year, he took a degree in Theology at the Pontificial University of Salamanca. He also took a doctor's degree in Church History at the Gregorian University of Rome in 1976 and a degree in Philosophy and Arts, (Geography and History section), at Oviedo University (1979). By means of a scholarship, he worked as a librarian at the Spanish Historical Institute, dependent on the Spanish National Church (Santiago) and 'Montserrat' Church (Rome). He filled the offices of secretary and vice-rector at the Diocesan Seminary of Astorga (1978-80). He taught Ecclesiastical History and Methodology at the Diocesan Seminary of Astorga, Spanish and Contemporary History at the Seminary (1980-92) and Contemporary History at the Open University in A Rúa de Petín (1991-93). He was on the National Council of Seminary Rectors (1982-85) and was a member of the Association of Consultants. He was the secretary of the Diocesan Council in Astorga (1991-92), bishop of Sasabe and assistant in Santiago de Compostela (he was ordained as bishop on 7th February 1992). He was also responsible for the section of Diocesan Seminaries at the Episcopal Commission of Seminaries and Universities of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, diocesan administrator bishop of Santiago Archdiocese since October 25th 1994 and archbishop of Santiago de Compostela (1996).

 Work & Activities

He has published the following books: Félix Torres Amat (1772-1847). Un obispo reformador, Rome, 1977; La Junta de Ancianos de la Iglesia de Gibraltar, Anthologica Annua; Aportación para un epistolrio de Félix Torres Amat, Anthologica Annua; Proceso a un clérigo doceañista, Astorica; 25 años de Postconcilio en el Seminario: 25 años de Ministerio Episcopal en la Iglesia Apostólica de Astorga, Astorga, 1993, 143-176; La formación de los sacerdotes del mañana, Surge 47 (1989), 170-177 and other publications in the Diocesan weekly paper 'Día 7' and other media.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1976, he got the honourable medal at the Pontifical Gregorian University for his degree in Church History.