Miguel Caamaño

Category: Artist
Birth Date: In 1971
Birth Place: Lugo
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He is mainly an autodidact artist. He started as an apprentice when he was seventeen and then created his own studio, elaborating many silver and gold jewels, unique and handmade. In the last years, he has also exhibited artistic enamels all around the world, being selected as the only artist representing Spain in the famous International Saloon of Jacques Prévert Cultural Centre, Aixe-Sur-Vienne (France 2004).
His creations could be seen in several art and enamel international magazines such as ‘Arte y Joya’ (nº157, Barcelona 2004), L’Esmalt (nº74, Barcelona 2007), Revistart (nº117, Barcelona 2007), Diccionario Internacional de Arte y Literatura (Córdoba 2007), GAL-ART.com (18 June 2007), “enamel” British Society of enamellers. Glass on metal artists. (Autumn 2007, Vol.5, nº3, Pág.9).
He collaborated with the Provincial Museum of Lugo on several occasions. He created a silver and enamel piece for a children’s conference celebrated on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Roman Wall of Lugo, declared a World Heritage (November 2005).
He elaborated a series of “Tessera Hospitalis”, silver pieces reproduced from the original created in the year 28 A.D.
Nowadays, he works the artistic enamel on metal combined with silver, taking on different techniques that give rise to a great variety of works, which were selected for taking part in several international exhibitions.

 Work & Activities

2003. Xunta de Galicia (Lugo).
2004. ‘8ª Muestra de Arte San Froilán’, Plaza de la Soledad (Lugo).
2004-2005. ‘Arte-Comunicación en Lugo’, Esmelgar Gallery (Lugo).
2005. ‘Foc Gallery’ (Barcelona).

2003. Almirante Gallery, Méndez Núñez Hotel (Lugo).
2004. International saloon of Jacques Prévert Cultural Centre, Aixe-Sur-Vienne - Limousín (France).
2004. Xunta de Galicia (Lugo).
2005. Annex Ginza Museum, Tokio (Japan).
2005. ‘Meno Nisa’ Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania).
2005. Almirante Gallery, Méndez Núñez Hotel (Lugo).
2006. Enamel House in Morez (France).
2006. Ueno Royal Museum, directed by Prince Hitachinomiya, Tokio (Japan).
2006. Chardin Art Gallery, Tbilisi (Georgia).
2006. Almirante Gallery, Méndez Núñez Hotel (Lugo).
2007. Torre Vella sede of Museum de Smalt Contemporary. Salou (Spain).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 2007, he was awarded the prestigious prize of the Centre of Information and Difusion of the Art of Enamelling (C.I.D.A.E.)in Salou, becoming the first artist awarded an enamel prize for Lugo.