Juan José De Ozámiz Lestón

Category: Lawyer
Birth Date: 12th January 1961
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He took a degree in Law at the Open University and got a diploma on Advanced Studies (Department of Public Law and State Theory). He is elaborating his doctoral thesis La acción pública en el derecho administrativo at the University of Santiago de Compostela. Since 1983, he has been the secretary of the following City Councils: Gironella (Barcelona), Les Val D'aran (Lérida), Chanderexa de Queixa (Ourense), Vilamarín (Ourense), Albesa (Lérida) and Paderne (A Coruña). He also worked as an adviser in the City Council of Massalcoreig (Lérida) (1990-91) and was the manager of the Federation of Rural Municipalities from March 1994 to November 1997. He has been the secretary general and official receiver of the Consortium for Music Promotion since March 2004 and has been practising as a lawyer of the Bar Association of A Coruña since April 1998.

 Work & Activities

He was one of the founders of the magazine in Galician languague ‘Eidos’ (March 1976), coordinated all the works for the report on the rural world development, correspondent to the period 1975-1991 and drafted by the Rural Action Board and wrote an article in the newspaper ‘Diario Segre’ (Lleida) titled ‘La crisis del municipi rural catalá’. Since 1983, he has been working as the secretary of several City Councils, where he carried out urban management activities and has also been working as an adviser and elaborating projects on urban management and housing promotion. Besides, he has participated in the staff selection at several city councils of Catalonia and Galicia and attended many courses and conferences.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a Professor of the first master’s degree in Local Administration (University of Santiago de Compostela 2003-04) and was awarded de Medal of Albesa (1997). He also got diplomas that prove his knowledge on French, Galician and Catalan.