Manuela Meda

Category: Sculptor
Birth Date: 10th January 1946
Birth Place: Rianxo (A Coruña)
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She left with her family to Argentina in 1950. She first experienced with ceramics, which is the elements he uses nowadays in his teaching studio.
In 1986, she became a foundation member of ‘Claudio León Sempere’ Art Museum, Burzaco - Almirante Brown (Buenos Aires). It was then that she started her acvitity as a sculptor, carrying out over fifteen individual exhibitions and over a hundred collective ones.
She has been teaching ceramics since 1995: Municipal School of Integral Education, ‘Inmaculada Concepción’ School in Burzaco (1993-94),
‘San Lorenzo’ School in Burzaco (1993-1995), ‘Claudio León Sempere’ Museum and in a workshop for disabled people.
Some of her works can be found in several private collections, Spanish and Argentinean museums and public promenades. Since 1988, she has been attending courses and conferences related with museums and restoration. Since 1990, she has participated in many art galleries (ceramics, sculpture…).

 Work & Activities

1992: SAAP, Almirante Brown (Adrogué).
1994: Retired People Association, Almirante Brown (Burzaco).
1995: ‘Somos del Museo’, San Telmo (Buenos Aires) and Retired People Association, Almirante Brown (Burzaco).
1996: ‘III Encuentro de la Cultura Nacional’ (Almirante Brown); ‘Exposición de Artistas del Museo’ (Florencio Varela); ‘Artistas del Museo’ (Flores) and Almirante Brown Artist Association in Paysandú (Uruguay).
2000: He exhibited his sculptures at ‘La Cucaracha’ (Adrogué) and at the Cultural Centre of Almirante Brown.
2001: ‘Semana del arte y la cultura’, Burzaco.
2002: He exhibited sculptures at the Boulevard Shopping (Adrogué).
2003-04: ‘Homenaje a la Mujer’, Cultural Centre (Adrogué).
2004: He exhibited his sculptures at Recoleta Cultural Centre with Raquel Valverde and ‘Evita un Escudo’, itinerant exhibition of Argentinian artists (Almirante Brown).
2005: ‘Día internacional de la mujer’, Carola Sarubbi, Alte Brown.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded the following prizes and mentions:
-1991: ‘IV Salón de Pequeño Formato de la SAAP’, Almirante Brown (third prize).
-1992: ‘II Salón de Pintura y Escultura Vanguardista de la SAAP Francisco Varela’ (special mention).
-1993: first prize, ‘Nicolás Avellaneda’ Library.
-1995: ‘II Salón de Pequeño Formato Encuentrarte’95’, Andreani Foundation (second mention).
-1996: ‘I Salón Primavera de Artes Plásticas’ (first mention - sculpture) and ‘V Salón de Pequeño Formato’, ‘Nicolás Avellaneda’ Library (second prize - sculpture).
-1998: Honourable mention and first prize (sculpture), ‘La Ochava’ Cultural Centre (Banfield).
-1999: First prize (sculpture), COAP ‘Esteban Echeverría’, second prize (sculpture), ‘La Ochava’ Cultural Centre (Banfield), first mention (sculpture), ‘Nicolás Avellaneda’ Library and first mention (poem), Salón de Cartas y Poesías, U.F.F. (1999).
2003: Third prize (drawing), Almirante Brown (2003) and first prize (sculpture), Almirante Brown.
He was awarded many prizes such as Buenos Aires Provincial Prize (Esteban Echeverría).