Juan Francisco Amil Míguez

Category: Attached general manager of Emalcsa
Birth Date: June 6th, 1955
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He took a degree in Economical and Business Sciences (1972-77) and auditor member of the REA and ROAC since its foundation. He is on the Scholar Association of Barrié Foundation. He was a member of the board of directors of the Economists Association of A Coruña and director of the Forum of the Family Business. He has filled important offices in Kelsa (today Bunge), first managing director of Freire-Megasa Group, consultant of outstanding business groups and director general of Anjova. Since 2003 he has been the assistant director general of Emalcsa (A Coruña).
Teaching activities: He has directed the MBA of Fynet Business and Training for several years and has been a rapporteur in many events related to management and finance at the Universities of Santiago and A Coruña and in the Forum of Family Business. In 2004 Fynet Business&Training and the CEC awarded him honourable MA in Management and Innovation for his professional career and his labour in favour of the training initiatives for professional development.
He presented the report ‘La escasez de agua en un país mediterráneo: España” (in www.ceep.eu) in Brussels in November 2008 within the 11th conference of the CEEP.


 Work & Activities

- “Historia y futuro de la banca: Hacia la Banca virtual”. Galicia en clave económica nº 1.
- “La Gestión financiera del futuro”.Galicia en clave económica nº 3.
- Joint author of chapter six in “Mercados Financieros”, published by McGraw Hill.
- “Galicia, presente y futuro económico”, published in “La Opinión”.