Xesús Álvarez Lozano

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 21st March 1959
Birth Place: Sistallo - Cospeito (Lugo)
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He began to play the guitar as an autodidact and was on the group Brath since it was founded in 1981 until 1997. He played the accordion, keyboard and the guitar, composed several and made some arrangements. He studied solfa, piano and harmony in A Coruña and Lugo during this period. Some years later, he gave classes in several centres and associations such as María Castaña and San Román da Retorta. Then he conducted the band ‘Grupo Municipal de Gaitas de Cospeito’. He also played the accordion at ‘Veria’ folk group and composed works for several instruments and groups.

 Work & Activities

These are some of his most important works: Lúa de Xaneiro, A Carricanta, Mercurín (with Brath), Alalá e jota da Ribeiroa (work for pipe and piano that won the first edition of ‘Constantino Bellón’ Contest for Galician pipe), Chairega and San Paio dos Redos, for a three-voice-choir, dedicated to the festivities celebrated at San Paio Chapel in Sistallo.