Mª Carmen González Boan

Pseudonym: Mané Boan
Category: Painter
Birth Place: Ourense
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She took a degree in Chemestry at Santiago de Compostela University and studied Painting and Drawing at the School of Arts and Crafts in Ourense. In the last years, she finds an interrelation between chemestry and painting, a disciplinary contamination that allows her to explore new expressive languages. Her artistic work focuses on the research of the possibilities of metals as chromatism supports and textures she extracts using chemical reagents, pigments and painting.

 Work & Activities

-1995: Ourense’s Museum (collective exhibition), Liceo Recreo Ourensán, Ourense (individual exhibition), Claustro do Poleiro, Celanova - Ourense (individual exhibition), Xunqueira de Ambía – Ourense (individual exhibition), Liceo Recreo Ourensán, Ourense (collective exhibition), Volter Gallery, Ourense (collective exhibition) and Vilanova - Ourense (collective exhibition).
-1996: Ourense’s Museum (collective exhibition), Monastery of Celanova, Ourense (collective exhibition), La Paloma Gallery, Madrid (collective exhibition), Estudio 34, Ourense (collective exhibition), Caixa Galicia Gallery, Celanova – Ourense (individual exhibition), Goya Gallery, New Cork (collective exhibition), IV Painting Bienal of Boiro - A Coruña, ‘Arte Xoven Galega’, Vigo and ‘Vila de Redondela’ First Contest, Redondela ( Pontevedra).
-1997: Café Isaac, Ourense (individual exhibition), Sargadelos Gallery, Ourense (collective exhibition), O Carballiño – Ourense (individual exhibition) and Café Isaac, Ourense (collective exhibition).
-1999: El Portón de Curros, Celanova – Ourense (individual exhibition).
-2000: Ribadavia – Ourense (collective exhibition).
-2001: AIMÁ Gallery, Madrid (collective exhibition) and Cultural Centre of the County Council of Ourense (collective exhibition).
-2002: Cultural Centre of the County Council of Ourense (collective exhibition), Visol Gallery, Ourense (collective exhibition), ‘Arte no Morrazo’ Seventh Contest, Cangas – Pontevedra, ‘Vila de Cedeira’ 13th Contest, Cedeira (A Coruña), ‘XVI Pintura Contemporánea de Tarancón’, Cuenca and ‘V Certamen de Villaviciosa’, Asturias.
-2003: ‘Nuevas Tendencias’ First Contest, Brunete (Madrid), itinerant collective exhibition in Vilagarcía, Ourense, Santiago and Pontevedra; Teucro Gallery, Pontevedra (individual exhibition), Atenaeum, Ourense (individual exhibition), Ribeira - A Coruña (collective exhibition) and Comarcal Centre of Vilanova – Ourense (individual exhibition).
-2004: Rectoral de Castillón – Lugo (individual exhibition), itinerant collective exhibition in Portugal and Galicia: Lisbon and Almada in Portugal, Culleredo, Tui and Santiago in Galicia; Araguaney Foundation, Santiago (collective exhibition) and José Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago (individual exhibition).
-2005: Itinerant collective exhbition: Santiago, Lugo and Ourense and collective exhibition in Betanzos (A Coruña).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded the Second Watercolour Prize, Plaza de Aluche (Madrid), the First Painting Prize, AIMÁ Contest (Madrid), consolation prize at ‘Bello Piñeiro’ Contest, Mugardos (A Coruña), consolation prize at ‘Festa da Historia’ Contest, Ribadavia (Ourense) and second prize at ‘Nuevas Tendencias’ Contest, Brunete (Madrid).