Juan Eiras

Category: Composer
Birth Date: 30th May 1977
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)

He started his musical studies when he was five. Three years later he entered the Music Conservatoire of Vigo, where he studied Piano. He took his degree as a teacher of Piano and a diploma as instrumentalist under the direction of José Manuel Fernández González. At the same time he started Pedagogy and took his degree as a teacher of Musical Education at the University of Vigo. Then he started Composition at the Music Conservatoire of Vigo and studied with Prof. Carlos Cambeiro, Pablo Beltrán, Joám Trillo and Miguel Francisco Moreno. In 2007 he took his degree in Composition.

He has taken training courses on the three subjects -Composition, Piano and Pedagogy- with famous Professors like Albert Sardá, Carlos Cambeiro, Ludovika Mosca, Javier Jurado, Emilio Molina, Christophe Havel...

Since he started his education, he has been linked to popular music, which lets him know and assimilate different languages. He was a member of Coro Altair, Banda de Gaitas Ledicia (Mos), Arabot, Trío Corcovado, Alfolíes, Malvela e Irtio. Throughout this extense career he has been awarded several prizes although the most outstanding thing is the possibility of working as a session musician, arranger, orchestrator and artistic producer, having thus a global vision of the whole productive process.

Regarding audiovisual projects, he made the sound tracks of "Camiños de busca" (Mara Gutiérrez) and "Antonio Palacios" (Carlos Davila), two documentaries produced for TVG.

 Work & Activities

These are some os his most outstanding recordings:

 -"X Certame galego de música folk - Xuventude '99" (Irtio and others, Xunta de Galicia 1999), 1st prize.

-"I día da música xove" (Irtio, Xunta de Galicia 2000), 1st prize.

-"Alfolíes" (Alfolíes, Radio Obradoiro Folk Contest 2000), 1st prize.

-"Mar de pedra" (Irtio, Discmedi 2002).

-"Que o pano non me namora" (Malvela, Ed. do Cumio 2004).

-"Camiñante" (Brañas Folk, Discmedi 2004).

-"Meniños cantores" (Varios, Pai Música 2005).

-"O aghinaldo" (Malvela, Pai Música 2005).

-"Da miña xanela á túa" (Malvela, Pai Música 2007).

-"Cinsa namorada" (Tino Baz, Pai Música 2007).

-"Folk ó forno" (Folk group of the Music Conservatoire of Vigo, 2007).

Regarding learned music, he has published several works with Dos Arcordes publishing house and he has done transcription works. His first publication, "Suite para trío de percusión nº 1, Op. 1", was a request of the Percussion Department of the Music Conservatoire of Vigo when he was still taking his third course on Composition.

At the present time he is teaching Composition and Orchestration at the Music Conservatoire of Vigo.


-"Suite para trío de percusión nº 1, Op. 1", 2003. Percussion set (marimba, vibraphone, small drum, drum, bells and plate). Dos Acordes, 2004.

-"Enerxías renovables, Op. 2", 2003. Flute, clarinet and bassoon. Dos Acordes, 2007.

-"As abellas d'ouro, Op. 3", 2004. (2-2-2-2, 4-4-4, multiperc., strings).

-"Suite de tres poemas galegos, Op. 4", 2005. Text by Federico García Lorca.

-"Obras para paino (several)", 2005. Piano. Dos Acordes 2005.

-"Dualismos", Op. 5. 2005.

-Var. 7.2, Op. 6. 2006. Flute, oboe, saxophone, percussionists, piano (string quintet) vin I -II, vla., vc. and cb. Periferia Sheet Music.

-"Minimal ravins, Op. 7", 2006. Percussion set (two suspended plates, ring, two marimbas, bongo drums, tom grave and wood blocks). Dos Acordes, 2007.

-"Bitácora 01-04, Op. 8a. 2006-2007. Orchestra (2-2-2-2, 4-4-4, perc., piano, strings).

-"Bitácora 05-06, Op. 8b. 2006-2007. Flute, clarinet, violin, violonchelo, piano and percussion multiset.

-"Misa, Op. 9", 2008. Soprano and string quartet.

-"Desafío 08, Op. 10", 2008. Horn and piano.

-"Encontros, Op. 11", 2009. Clarinet, violin and violonchelo.

-"Abstract": Abellas d'Ouro, Op. 20, 2009. Strings.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Web page: www.juaneiras.com