Adolfo José Lozano Bravo

Category: Economist
Birth Date: 5th October 1938 ( † 21st may 2014)
Birth Place: Buenos Aires (Argentina)


He took a degree in Economy at the University of Buenos Aires in 1969. He directed the department of Galician Studies at the University of Belgrano since 1989 and taught Galician Culture at the University of Morón since 2001. He was president of the cultural area of the Galician Centre in Buenos Aires and member of the Argentinian Institute of Galician Culture. He was a teacher of Galician culture in the Galician Centre of Avellaneda (the oldest one in Argentina) and in the Galician Centre of La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires).

 Work & Activities

He gave lectures on Galician subjects at Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Palermo and Tandil Universities (Argentina), Trier (Germany), Santiago de Compostela, University of Portugal and at the University of the Republic in Uruguay (Uruguay).

He organised seminars, round-table conferences, video films, etc...

He collaborated in the radio stations 'Radio El Mundo' with the programme Recorriendo España, 'Radio del Pueblo' with the programme Así canta Galicia, 'Radio Gallega' and TVE-Galicia.

He participated as a correspondent on the TV programme "Galeguidade" (1995-2000).



-Historia del Centro Gallego para Jóvenes (1988)

-Galicia América, proyecto de futuro (1992)

-Recorrido por la Galicia desconocida.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got several Photography prizes from 'Foto Club Buenos Aires' and the Xunta de Galicia (1989 and 1993) and was awarded the Video Prize of the Xunta de Galicia.

He had 180,000 slides about Galicia, many books, video films and Galician music.

He directed and presented the radio programme "Diario de Viaje" FM 97.9 Radio Cultura in Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he has interviewed personalities of culture, politicians, researchers, writers, poets and people related to cinema and TV.

He was a tourism adviser of companies about Spain and Portugal, specialized in Galicia.

He has accompanied Galician delegations of presidents in Argentina to the first Cultural Embassy to Galicia in 1985 and also accompanied young people of the Federation of Spanish Societies to Galicia and Asturias in 2003 and Galicia and Navarra in 2004.

He also accompanied, as a guide, the first trip of professional young people to Galicia and Madrid in 1986 and 1987.

He accompanied groups of travellers in their journeys around Spain and Portugal.