Manuel Valcárcel Cabo

Birth Date: 12th April 1975
Birth Place: Monforte de Lemos (Lugo)

-Degree in Graphic Design, Ramón Falcón School of Applied Arts (Lugo).
-Recording and postproduction in HD, Santiago de Compostela 2010.
-Studies on New Generation Audiovisual Technologies - CLAG.
-English (medium level), English Time Academy.
1995-1996: Fashion photographer, Dolores Couceiro Agency (Vigo).
1997-2001: Camera operator, TV7 (Monforte).
2002-2003: Camera operator, Antena 3 (Santiago de Compostela).
2003-2004: Camera operator in Overon (Mediapro).
2005–2011: Freelance graphic reporter.
- Camera operator, TV-Lugo, 1995.
- Producer in TV7 Monforte, 1996–2000.
- Montage of “La Compañía”, a short by J. Luis Rodríguez. He participated in the Algarve and Río de Janeiro Film Festival, 1998.
- Bolivia: documentary production about life in the high Andean plateau, Uyuni Salt Flat and Yungas jungle and the ascent of Huyna Potosí, 6180m. The documentary was broadcasted in TV7 Monforte and Fora de Xogo on TVG, 1998.
- Italy: documentary about wine for D.O. Ribeira Sacra, 1999.
- Director of “O Aquelarre” (short), 2000.
- Nepal: documentary about life in the Himalayas and expedition to Island Peak 6550m, 2000.
- Colombia: documentary about the military conflict in the country for Soldepaz Pachakuti NGO, 2001.
- Camera operator at the Handball World Championship in Portugal, 2001.
- Morocco, Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal: “Rumbo Djembe”, documentary for Saga TV, 2002.
- Camera operator in Antena-3, Santiago de Compostela, 2002.
- Camera operator and news coverage such as the War in Iraq.
-News on TVE, A3, C+, T5, FORTA, Aljazerra, BBC, RAI, APTN, Sports broadcasts and great events all around the world, 2003-2004.
- Tunisia: camera operator for TVE at the Handball World Championship, 2005.
- Egypt: camera operator at the Africa Cup, 2006.
- Germany: camera operator at the Football World Championship, 2006.
- Cuba: camera operator and coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, 2006.
- Nepal: camera operator of “Destino al Kalapattar” (documentary), 2006.
- Germany: camera operator at the Handball World Championship, 2007.
- Mali: camera operator of “Rumbo al Mundo” (documentary), 2007.
- Photography director of “Gotas de Vida”, La Sexta 2007.
- Producer of “Engaiolados” (documentary), TVG 2008.
- Producer and cameraman of “FARC” (documentary), TVG 2008.
- Producer and cameraman at the elections of the USA in 2009.
- Director and producer of “Fame” (short), 2010.
- Fashion photographer, Dolores Couceiro Agency, Vigo (1996-1998).
- Free-lance graphic reporter for La Voz de Galicia (2001-2003).
- Tunisia: graphic report about the oasis for Sólo Rutas y Aventura, 1996.
- Senegal: graphic report about fishing for Sólo Rutas y Aventura, 1997.
- Morocco: graphic report about cannabis cultivation and elaboration, 2001.
- Sahara: graphic report about the Saharawi refugee Camps for Cosa NGO, 2001.
- Burkina Faso: graphic report about their way of life and musical culture, 2001.
- Official photographer at the 4th International Music Festival of Galicia, 2002.
- Palestine: photographic report about the military conflict, Salvador Allende NGO, 2002.
- Egypt: photographic report about artisanal fishing in the Sinai Peninsula for Salvador Allende NGO, 2002.
- Iraq: photographic report for the Spanish Red Cross, 2003.
- Mali: photographic report about the Dogon country, ONG Salvador Allende, 2003.
- Fixed photography of “Lobos” (short) by Dani de la Torre, Galicia 2004.
- Nepal: photographic report about Kathmandu Valley, 2004.
- Tibet, Algeria, Romania, Peru and Papua New Guinea: photographic report about the nomads, Caixa Galicia Foundation 2004–2005.
- Mali, O Courel, China, India, Chile and New Zealand: “Auga, O Sangue da Terra” (photographic report), Caixa Galicia social work 2007–2008.
- Fixed photography of “Mar Libre” (TV movie), Ficción Producciones, 2009.
- Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, France and Spain: “Regreso al Origen”(photographic report), Xacobeo 2009-2010.
-Xuventude´96 Photography Contest.
-Xuventude´97 Photography Contest.
-“Sáhara Libre”, Cosal NGO, 2001.
-“Palestina”, Salvador Allende and Soldepaz Pachacuti NGOs, 2002.
-“Bagdad Lonxe da Esperanza”, Red Cross, 2003.
-“Nómades”, Caixa Galicia Foundation, 2006-2009.
-ArtNatura, ADEGA, 2007-08.
-“Auga, O Sangue da Terra”, Caixa Galicia, 2008-2009.
-“Olladas”, Galician Community, 2008–2009.
-Periscopio Photojournalism Festival, Vitoria, 2009.
-“I am…”, Sargadelos Gallery, Monforte de Lemos, 2009.
-“Regreso á Orixe”, Santiago de Compostela, Xacobeo 2010.
1996–1997: Sólo Rutas y Aventura.
2001-2003: La Voz de Galicia.
2007: El Semanal.
2007: “Nómades”, Caixa Galicia Foundation.
2008: “Auga, O Sangue da Terra”, Caixa Galicia Foundation.
2010: “Regreso á Orixe”, Xacobeo.
-1st prize: Concello de Monforte Photographic Contest, 1992-93-94.
-1st prize: Chicles Orbit Galicia best creative video film, 1995.
-1st prize: best documentary about environment, Lobo de Cinema Chantada, 1996.
-2nd prize: Xuventude´96 Photography Contest.
-Accesit: Xuventude´97 Photography Contest.
-1st prize: best documentary about environment, Lobo de Cinema, 1996.
-2nd prize: Viña do Campo Photographic Contest, 1998.
-1st prize: best documentary about environment, Lobo de Cinema, 1996.
-Finalist at the 11th Photographic Contest of Rutas del Mundo, 2001.
-Finalist at, 2006.
-Selection at the exhibition ‘Nómadas ABC’, 2010.