José Seijo Rubio

Category: Painter and calligraphist
Birth Date: 15th October 1881 (†9th September 1970)
Birth Place: Madrid

He lived in Galicia since he was six, where he carried out his artistic and teaching activity (he was a Professor of Drawing and Calligraphy).

 Work & Activities

José Seijo created and extensive work that can be found in several museums and private collections. El mar siempre azul, Fiesta de muradanas, O cego de Santa Margarita, Na porta da Casa and Calle de Damas are some of his most important works.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the second medal at the Spanish-French Exhibition in Zaragoza (1908) and the third medal at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts (1926) for his work La marisma. He was a member of St Fernando Academy of Fine Arts, the Galician Academy and Nuestra Señora del Rosario Academy of Fine Arts. He was a honourable member and president of the Association of Artists in A Coruña.