Alejandro Carro

Category: Actor
Birth Date: 7 de xuño de 1984
Birth Place: Oleiros (A Coruña)
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He graduated in Drama at ‘Santart’ School of Dramatic Art. Since 2005, he has gone to the fencing club of Santiago de Compostela. He has knowledge of stick fighting, spits fire and makes acrobatics. He attended courses on riding (1999-2001), skating (1999-2000), rafting, canoeing and kayak (2000) and percussion (1991). Since 1999, he has been the percussionist of ‘Alén do Mar’.

 Work & Activities

He participated in the following films: 2006. ‘Un cuento para Olivia’, directed by Manane Rodríguez; ‘Vitha’, directed by Marcos Grande Pazos (Theatre company: Pábulo Teatro); ‘Búscase Clown Vello’ by Matei Visniec (Director: Theodor Smeu. In this production, he also worked as an assistant director and translator (Theatre company: Santart Teatro) and ‘Fe’, a dramatic monologue by Marcos Grande Pazos (Santart Teatro). 2005-2006. ‘Confesión’ by Eduardo Alonso (Director: Luma Gómez. Teatro do Noroeste). 2005. ‘Naumaquia 2’, La fura dels baus; ‘Non se recibe dó’, a short directed by Irene Pena Ferreiros; ‘El gran teatro del mundo’, by Calderón de la Barca (Director: Carlos Álvarez) and ‘Orestiada’, directed by Theodor Smeu. 2004-2005: ‘Edipo Rey’, directed by Marcos Grande Pazos. 2004. ‘Medea XXI’, directed by Manuel Sabín. Company: Furusquenlla Teatro; ‘Lobos’, short, Saga TV; ‘4º sen ascensor’, TV series, Filmanova; ‘Sed’, directed by Marcos Grande Pazos and ‘Señorita Julia’ by August Strindberg (Director: Theodor Smeu). 2001-2003: ‘Un ollo de vidrio’. He was the scriptwriter and announcer of this radio humour programme.