Luis Fernández Guitián

Category: Musician and writer
Birth Date: 29th November 1962
Birth Place: Sober (Lugo)
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He began to study Music at the Music School of Sober in 1975 with Tadeo Guititan, José R. López and Heriberto Pérez. Then he entered Ourense Conservatory of Music, where he studied oboe and clarinet with Professors Segismundo Fernández and Nicanor Domínguez. Then he studied at Vigo Conservatory. While he was studying Music, he finished Teaching in Ourense. He has attended many courses on musical improvement, especially clarinet and conductorship with Professors Juan Vercher, José Luis Estellés, Antonio Saiote, José Vicente Herrera, Miguel Groba and J. Vicent Egea. He published many articles and reports in newspapers and magazines, especially those devoted to music and conductors for bands. He presented several reports in conferences and symposia dedicated to music. He worked as a teacher at Ribadavia Conservatory (Ourense) for seven years, where he created and conducted a young music band. He also worked as a teacher at Pontevedra Conservatory for four years, where he also conducted the band of that centre. Nowadays, he teaches clarinet at Ourense Conservatory. He plays the clarinet in the Band of Ourense and conducts the Band of Sober (Lugo). He has been directing the Music School in Sober (Lugo) since 1997, where he also created the young music band. He carried out several cultural initiatives in Sober. Nowadays, he is responsible for culture and deputy mayor in the City Council of Sober (Lugo). He was one of the founders of the Amandi Wine Fair (1981) and created other activities such as 'Feria de la Rosca', 'Encuentros Musicales en la Ribera Sacra', 'Baile a la luz de la luna', etc. The music band of Sober recorded a CD under his direction in 2000 and was awarded Luar Prize to the best activity in 2002.

 Work & Activities

In 2002, he published an anthology of love poems (Poemas a Laura), dedicated to his wife.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the president of the mycological association 'Pingadouro' and an active member of other associations. He is a correspondent of the newspaper El Progreso in Sober (Lugo) and the EFE Agency. He was the vice-president of the Galician Federation of Music Bands. He has carried out many arrangements, transcriptions and adaptations of music pieces for clarinet, music band and chamber groups. He is very keen on Galician literature, especially poetry.