José Ramón Fernández Díaz

Category: Judge
Birth Date: In 1886 (†10th October 1935)
Birth Place: As Nogais (Lugo)

He studied Secondary Education in Lugo and Law at Santiago de Compostela and Madrid Universities. Then he was nominated as judge of Icod de los Vinos and shortly after he was appointed to Santa Cruz de La Palma. After spending some years in this Court, he was promoted to magistrate and got a post in the Audience of Tenerife, also being the president. As the civil governor of Tenerife had to leave the island, José Ramón Fernández Díaz filled this office and ratified the measures the absent governor had taken before the general strike called by the tobacco sector. In spite of the the lack of safety in the city, he went on with his life and while he was walking he was muredered at San Francisco Square.