José Pardo Lombao

Category: Politician
Birth Date: 15th January 1955
Birth Place: Outeiro de Rei (Lugo)
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He has been a town councillor since 1983, deputy since 1991 and Mayor in Outeiro de Rei (Lugo) since 1998.

 Work & Activities

During his term of office, many works were carried out such as the sports centre and the Culture Centre. He signed an agreement with 'Bonxe Shot Club' to use swimming pools and tennis courts. He also promoted the construction of 'Santa Isabel' recreational area and 'Insuas del Miño' path. Besides, 80% of the village enjoys street lighting and 50% was reelectrified. The project to build an industrial state was approved and development works were carried out in Outeiro.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Nowadays, the City Council of Outeiro de Rei (Lugo) takes part in the following programmes: 'Proder', 'Life', 'Terras do Miño', 'Equal' and 'Leader Plus'.