José María López Noceda

Pseudonym: Noceda
Category: Politician
Birth Date: 25th July 1931 (†10th february 2013)
Birth Place: San Xusto - Barreiros (Lugo)

He was Mayor in Lourenzá (Lugo) but he had to give up and become deputy mayor owing to the incompatibility as he was also deputy at the Galician Parliament within the political party 'Partido Popular'. He was the president of the Association of Villages in the 'Mariña Lucense' since it was founded until he retired. During the two sessions he spent in the Galician Parliament, he was the president of the Commission of Galician Radio and TV and member of the Commissions of Fishing and Agriculture as well as the 'Consello de Contas'. He was also one of the members that founded the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Federal Council.

 Work & Activities

While he was Mayor, many works were carried out in the village such as the cattle market, the swimming pool, the football ground, the health centre, the sports centre, social centres and the improvement of the City Council... He organised many commissions to get infrastructures in A Mariña and support the productive sectors.