Xosé Randolfe Vilariño

Pseudonym: R/
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 25th January 1960
Birth Place: Carballedo (Lugo)


From 1984 to 1989, he studied at 'Mestre Mateo' School in Santiago, specialising in enamels. In 1987, he took part in the Enamel Biennial in Limoges (France) in the section of new tendencies in the enamel art. He also studied Geography and History and Forestry Engineering. In 1984, he travelled to Paris and then to Florence.

 Work & Activities

His work is mainly based on Painting although he also made sculptures. Since 1987, he has carried out several individual and collective exhibitions such as 'Artistas en Compostela', Casa da Conga, exhibition room of Santiago de Compostela University (1989), 'Olladas', itinerant exhibition organised by the 'Consellería de Cultura' and exhibited in the four Galician provinces (2000).

 Other Interesting Aspects

His painting is the result of a big mixture: expressionism, surrealism, pop art, etc.