José Manuel Gordillo Parga

Pseudonym: Manuel Digor
Category: Journalist
Birth Date: 24th May 1927
Birth Place: Lugo


He filled the offices of marketing manager at 'Abella' Industries (1958-1979) and 'Frigolouro-Porriño' (1979-1990), then he retired. Besides, he was a member of the standing committee of the Cattle-raising syndicate, the Spanish Association of Marketing, the Syndical Economical Council and the Municipal Sports Commission. In 1966, he founded the first Spanish newspaper about Economy (3-E). He has also been technical adviser of 'Club Deportivo Lugo' F.C. and 'Breogán' Basketball Club, delegate of the Spanish Boxing Federation, president of the Provincial Association of Basketball Referees, president of 'Frigolouro' Club and director of 'Avenida', 'Polvorín', 'San Lorenzo' and 'Ferroviaria' Clubs.

 Work & Activities

When he was 16, he started to work as correspondent for the newspaper 'Gol' (Madrid). He was also a correspondent for all the sports newspapers of that time, 'Marca', 'AS', 'El Mundo Deportivo' and 'Dicen'. He published over eight thousand articles, reports and interviews in forty-eight regional and national newspapers and magazines, twenty-five of them devoted to sports information. He also collaborated in five Galician radio stations.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He got the Sports National Prize and the medal of the Trade Exhibition in Valencia. He got two medals to the pugilistic merit, awarded by the National Boxing Federation, the gold badge awarded by the National Basketball Federation, the silver medal of the first Galician Sports Plays and other sports and journalistic rewards. Nowadays, he collaborates with the newspapers and magazines 'El Progreso', 'Mirador Lucense' and 'Xúbilo' (Lugo), 'Canfali' (Alicante) and 'T. Tempo' (Vigo).