Leandro Pita Romero

Category: Journalist and politician
Birth Date: 22nd November 1898 (†25th June 1985)
Birth Place: Ortigueira (A Coruña)

He studied Secondary Education in A Coruña and when he was fourteen, he started Teaching, finishing two years later. Then he studied Law, taking his degree when he was nineteen. He moved to Madrid, where he worked as sub-editor in the newspapers El Liberal, El Sol and El Norte de Castilla. When he returned to A Coruña, he edited the newspaper El Orzán. In 1926, he published the short novel O anarquista. That same year he substituted his father as president of the Agrarian Federation of Ortigueira and became general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in A Coruña one year later. He was elected deputy in 1933 and was nominated as Minister of the Navy, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Minister without portfolio. He was ambassador in the Vatican during the Second Republic. In 1936, he went to Portugal into exile, moving later to Argentina, where he went on with his profession, although he had to take his degree in Law once again. He continued to write in several newspapers and magazines such as 'La Prensa', 'Leoplán' and 'La Atlántida'. He did not return to Galicia until 1960. He got 'Manuel Belgrano' Ethics Prize and 'Alberdi Sarmiento' Journalism Prize. He also represented the interests of the bank firm 'Banco Pastor' in Buenos Aires.