José Manuel Baltar Blanco

Category: President of Ourense County Council
Birth Date: 3rd August 1967
Birth Place: Esgos (Ourense)

Degree in Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

MA in Human Resources Management, Contencious-Administrative Law and Environmental Law.

Civil servant of the General Administration of the Galician Autonomous Regious since 1993.

Autonomical deputy since 2001. In the 7th session (2005-2009), he participated in the reform of the Galician Statute and the Parliament Regulation.

Town councillor in Esgos - Ourense (2003-2009).

Member of executive committee and the provincial board of directors of the PP in Ourense and member of the Galician board of directors of the PP.

In February 2012 he is elected President of Ourense County Council.