José Mª Fernández Colmeiro

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: 21st September 1898 (†10th June 1959)
Birth Place: Silleda (Pontevedra)

In 1912 he emigrated to Montevideo, where he began to work as a shop assistant at the same time he studied Medicine. He took his degree in 1928 and practised as a doctor in Montevideo until 1936 and once again in Spain he ratified his degree. In 1938 he began to work at Curie Foundation in Paris and shortly after he devoted himself to the research and therapeutics of cancer at the Radium Institute (Paris University).

 Work & Activities

He gave many courses and lectures all around America.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded Chevillon Prize at the French Academy of Medicine (1952) for his works on the treatment of cancer on X-ray. In 1956 he participated as a rapporteur in the Conference of Radiology in Mexico and in Argentina in the 27th edition of the National Conference of Surgery.