Susana Guisasola Ónega

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 5th May 1971
Birth Place: Lugo


She specialized in artistic jewellery design at Maestro Mateo Art School in Santiago de Compostela and focussed her artistic career on painting, mainly through a constant experimentation with colour.
She completed her education attending courses on computer-aided design and digital photography.

 Work & Activities

2001. "En el aire" in Pepa a Loba (Santiago de Compostela).
2002. "Hombres" in Modus Vivendi (Santiago de Compostela).
2002. "Caracola" in Pepa a Loba (Santiago de Compostela).
2002. Standing online painting exhibition, Marga Montero Gallery (Madrid).
2002. "Kaleidoscopium", Artsil Gallery, Ames (Santiago de Compostela).
2002. "Infografías", Artsil Gallery, Ames (Santiago de Compostela).
2003. "Impacto", azo de Bendoiro, Lalín (Pontevedra).
2004. "Arume" Ourense.
2005. "Tempus" in Café Isaac (Ourense).
2005. Collective exhibition, Café Isaac (Ourense).
2007. Gallery of Café Teatro Xesteira (Ourense).
2008. Manuel Márquez Gallery (Ourense).

She carried out works oriented to children:
2002. She organized a literary and painting workshop for children from 5 to 9 and a workshop on painting techniques for children from 9 to 13, Aenea Bookshop (Santiago de Compostela). She also prepared activities oriented to children from 6 to 11 related to watercolour and drawing techniques and carried out a photographic report for Maestro Mateo Art and Design School (Santiago de Compostela).