José Luís Fernández Díaz

Pseudonym: J.L. Fernández Carnicero
Category: Musician
Birth Date: 9th March 1967
Birth Place: Ourense
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Teacher of Music Education (1994) at the Plurilingual Centre in O Carballiño – Ourense (2009)

Teacher specialized in Science (1989).

Elementary degree in Piano, Santiago de Compostela Music Conservatoire (1991).

Degree in Mathematics at the Open University (UNED). Speciality: Statistics and Operative Investigation (2011).

Member of the executive committee of the FETE-UGT in Ourense and Secretary General for Communication (2010).

Member of the School Council in Ourense in representation of MRP Escola Viva (2012).

At the moment he is investigating about Protestantism in Spain and attending a postgraduate module (‘Modelización de Riesgos en Entidades Financieras’).

Member of the Galician School Council (2005-2010).

President of ‘Federación Gallega de MRPs’.

Secretary of the ASPGP (Associação sócio pedagógica Galaico Portuguesa).

Director of the Musical Workshop of the ASPGP.

Member of the board of directors of the CEFOCOP (‘Centro de Formación continuada del Profesorado’) in Ourense.

Member of the Ourense Local Culture Council.

Member of the board of directors of Ourense Filharmonic Society.

 Work & Activities

-“Ourense, catro estacións”, City Council of Ourense, 2010 (Joint author: Demetrio Espinosa Mangana).

-“Pioneiros protestantes na Atenas de Galicia”, Editorial Ir-Indo 2009.

-“Pioneros protestantes en la Atenas de Galicia”, Editorial Andamio 2009.

-“Música na escola”,  Ed Galinova  (2002).

-Music books for 5th and 6th year of primary education, Editorial Galinova (with other authors).

-Teacher guide for 5th and 6th year of primary education, Editorial Galinova (with other authors).

-He usually writes articles for La Región, Ourense (since 2006), for and Saudiña, the institutional magazine of the Xunta de Galicia. He also writes articles for (Galician Language website), EnsinoProfesionais da Educación and the magazine of the International Conference for Cultural Events Organisers in Portugal.

-Musical compositions for piano and songs for children.

-CD of the Medicine Students Music Group of Santiago (arrangements and direction).



-Coordinator of a basic course on Statistics at the Faculty of Business Sciences in Ourense – University of Vigo (2010).

 -Teacher in the Advanced Course for Teachers of Musical Education, organized by the University of Vigo (1999).

-Rapporteur in the course of the Open University (UNED) at A Lama prison with the lecture “Música y Libertad” (July 2007).

-Member of the organizing commission in the summer schools in Ferrol, Corcubión,  Lalín, A Coruña, Carnota, Cee, Dumbría, Muxía, Monforte, Pontevedra and Portugal.

-Collaborator as rapporteur in ‘Escola Viva’ summer schools in Pontevedra and Ourense.

-Collaborator of the musical area at Escola Viva theatre course.

-Coordinator of the basic course on Computing, celebrated at the Primary School of Cerdedo and organized by the CEFORE in Pontevedra.

-Coordinator of courses on Musical Education in Ourense.

-Coordinator of “Informática musical”, a course organized by the Ministry of Public Administrations.


Awards and distinctions:

-He forms part of the outstanding Galician people collected in “Quen é quen” (El Correo Gallego,  2004) and

-He has an entry at Enciclopedia Universal Ir-indo, volume 9.

-Second prize as conductor of student music groups in Seville (1991).

-First prize as conductor of student music groups in A Coruña (1992).



He was commissioner of “Os colportores nas terras da Galiza” (2011). The exhibition was celebrated in the Cultural Centre of Ourense County Council and was organized by Bonhome Evangelical Church.

Public performances:

-Performance with ‘Servando e contradanza’ Folk Group, Lyceum – Ourense (September 2006).

-Poetical and musical reading at Liceo Recreo Ourensano (Salón Noble) on 15th May 1998, 18th September 1998, 16th June 2000, 28th June 2001, 13th September 2002, June 2003 and September 2004.

-“As oríxenes do protestantismo na provincia de Ourense” (lecture), Lyceum – Ourense (14th February 2005).


 Other Interesting Aspects


He has a private studio in Ourense. He is married to Marta González and has a daughter, Jocabed.